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fixed: a poem for the lunar eclipse & full moon in aquarius

Tree Faery

If you are reading my blog, you probably know this: but there is a massive lunar eclipse tomorrow, and many are already feeling its effects.

The moon also becomes full in Aquarius tomorrow, which is my natal moon sign.

Needless to say, the energy is powerful, transformative, and strange things are definitely afoot at the Circle K. I am completely here for it.

So far today, I have captured a faery photographically (can you spy it in the header?) and I received a message in my email inbox that a close friend thought but didn't send. Then, a poem came into my mind and practically screamed to be written. It follows here.

Blessed eclipse and full moon, friends!

"fixed" by glitterwitch

there is a circle:
cast in jupiter lightning,
charged in venus rapture.

feet are sunk in damp earth
as cow hooves in mud, content.

lips are raised
to ganymede's chalice,
staring, unscared.

head: star-bound
body: still touching
still feeling, between fixed signs,
between dual flames, between
plumes of fragrant smoke.

the lion glows in jewels, royal
gifts from the scorpion diver
who has just arrived, unfathomable.

i open the sun in my heart
& the cave-pool in my gut
to take what can be gathered,
& reflect to all who seek.

the circle dissolves.
i am fixed.

glitter witch