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An astrological poem for Monday

I am currently studying astrology, guided by "Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans" by Ivo Dominguez (not an affiliate link).

I am at a point in the book where I have created planetary correspondence meditation cards for each planet, which are intended to be studied and reflected upon one-by-one for a seven-day period.

Today is Monday, the day of the moon, and this poem came to me, so I thought I would share it.

Day of the Moon

There are thoughts
familiarly shaped and faintly patterned—
past life, dream, or precognition?

My feet are of the Earth, and I am attended by flowers,
the night-blooming orchid with pink ice veins,
the exalted geranium in red winter splendor,
each clasped in lilac claws.

I am attended by hounds orbiting their winter nests,
and busy fat squirrels, leaping,
and birds blue against bare branches,
and hope sunk deep into mud.

The violet light releases all that does not serve,
refines what endures into silver.

Be warned:
what has gone haunts those
not ready to begin.

glitter witch